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This Floating Life

Words about being a thing with a body in the world

Music and Yoga

Music and Yoga  I’ve been a musician since I was a kid. I started taking piano lessons at the age of five, eventually moving on to the drum set and the guitar at the age of 9. By 12 I was playing in bands and writing all of my own music. This is a thing I have...

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Exercise and the Experience of Yoga

Exercise and the Experience of Yoga.I practice a form of yoga that looks an awful lot like exercise...actually it is exercise. However, yoga teachers who teach physically athletic forms of yoga are usually quick to proclaim that the exercise part is secondary to an...

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So we moved to Bali.

So we moved to Bali.Greetings friends and well-wishers. This is my new website. I’m trying to design it myself but I’m both technologically challenged and don’t really like working very hard so it’ll have to be a work in progress. I managed to get the blog working so...

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